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I've been taking quite a bit of flak for this whole storyline - with some people even saying they're going to quit reading my comic over it. And, to be quite honest, I anticipated this kind of reaction when I originally wrote it, back before this comic even launched.

One of the big problems with only writing three four-panel strips a week and keeping to the tight strip-time focus that I do is that time passes really, really slowly for the readers. For Jamie, this has been the events of a few tumultuous days. For us, Jamie got mugged back in December. The threat of incarceration has been hanging over his head this whole time. There's a lot of unresolved tension.

That's unavoidable, though. This is a significant, complex, racially and culturally charged event, and you can't just snap your fingers and expect everything to return to the status quo.


(Tuesday, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB: You're really freaked out about this whole legal situation, aren't you?
JH: Well, yeah! It's kind of a big deal!
EB: It'll all work out, Jamie. You're in the right, just tell the truth and everything will be fine. That's what the system is set up for.
JH (collapsing on the couch): I just... I don't want to go to jail...
[awkward silence]