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I've always been a tad blasé about physical violence and death in my writing. Violence - especially abrupt, over-the-top, unanticipated, undeserved violence - has always been amusing and cathartic to me. I attribute this to three factors.

The first, of course, would be my exposure to mass media, growing up in the eighties and nineties. Young boys, such as myself, were and are expected to revel in thrilling battles and hilarious slapstick in our media, and were and are expected to sit and absorb such material for hours out of every day. Such exposure must, necessarily, establish a few neural pathways.

The second is definitely my complete lack of exposure to actual violence and its consequences in my life. I never fought with my siblings. I never played contact sports or rode bikes. I never got beat up in school (though I certainly richly deserved it). I've managed to make it to thirty years of age without once breaking a bone or requiring stitches.

Oddly enough, I would say the third is my religious upbringing. Specifically, a form of Christianity with an otherworldly, eternal-destination focus. Everyone on the planet is destined to spend eternity - eternity, mind you - in either indescribable bliss or unendurable agony, over little more than a few mumbled phrases and mental adherence to a paragraph's worth of dogma. In the face of such a dichotomy, who could attribute significance about a few trifling inconveniences like an amputated hand, a gouged out eye, or a life cut short by a measly few decades?


(Wednesday, INT: office, JH and LD are driking sparkling cider, their ties are loosened.)

LD: So he accepted a payout without consulting you, and that payout was only enough to cover his hourly rate?
JH: Yeah, and then he charged me over three hundred dollars in "processing fees".
LD: Well, yeah. There's always fees to process paperwork, that much is normal enough.
JH: So what, you're saying this was all legit?
LD: Oh, I'm sure what he did may have been unethical. But, given your tendency to sign things without reading them, I'd say it was all perfectly legal.
JH: If I can find some other people who had the same thing happen to them, you think we'd have a chance with a class action suit or something?
LD: I only deal with criminal cases, I don't know the first thing about civil law. But hey, if you want to go upside his head with a Glock nine, I'm in your corner.
JH: Yeeeaahhhh, I don't think I'm gonna do that.