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Those of you who know your Christian denominations probably aren't surprised that Jamie (who grew up Pentecostal) thinks that the psychological sensations experienced during a worship service are intense enough and euphoric enough to keep Christendom afloat.

I think it's interesting that, when discussing whether or not Christianity will endure, neither of them are bringing up whether or not it's correct. That's an entirely different discussion, after all.


(Wednesday, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH: You think Christianity is going to go extinct within a century?
EB: All religion will eventually, but Christianity's first on the chopping block.
JH: How do you figure?
EB: Christianity's in the West, and the West has technology and cultural cross-pollination. Scientific knowledge protects against belief in miracles or confusion about the origins of the universe, and a more cosmopolitan society prevents cultural isolation and ignorance of other points of view.
EB: I think, on some subconscious cultural level, we all know it's coming. Religion in sci-fi is always paired with dystopia. There's a reason you never see Christianity in Star Trek. It's only weirdo primitive aliens - and the one Native American guy on Voyager - that still have spirituality at all.
JH: But even if it doesn't provide answers or guide morality any more, don't you think people will still cling to Christianity for the positive sensations it provides? The uplifting inspiration and jubilation of coming together to sing praises to God?
EB: Jamie, if I want entertainment, I'll go to a concert where the lead singer is allowed to say "fuck".