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For those of you who haven't bothered to check out the cast page, yes, Max is 24. There are a lot of different influences that went into her character, some real, some fictional... and, for some reason, the two biggest fictional influences were both teenagers.

I think there's a sizable difference between a bubbly little non-monogamous hypernymphomanical character who's 16 versus one who's 24. Quite frankly, I don't think I'd be comfortable writing about Max's earlier years, and I don't think anyone would be comfortable reading about them.

Or, at any rate, the sort of audience that would be comfortable reading about them isn't the sort of audience I'm trying to cultivate with this strip.


(Wednesday, INT: liquor store, at the checkout)

MH: Seriously? This is all you're getting?
JH: I didn't want to abuse your generosity.
MH: Generosity, schmenerosity, I'm drinking with you. At least grab some potato juice, that mixes with anything, and it'll make up for the fact I can't have anything cream-based.
unnamed clerk (checking I.D.): ...and this is you?
MH: Yep. Don't let the height or the kitty ears fool you, I'm twenty-four.
unnamed clerk (running I.D. under a blacklight): Right, right, of course you are. Just have to check, to be sure.
MH: Seriously, I'm an adult. I have tits. Do you need to see my tits?
unnamed clerk: Uhhh... that won't be necessary.
MH: Wanna see'em anyway?
EB: Max, I've been kicked out of a lot of places in my life. Please don't make me add the liquor store to that list.