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"Culture" and "society" are relative.


(Wednesday, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

(JH is in the foreground, mixing something)
EB: I cannot believe you were seriously considering flashing that guy for a discount.
MH: I wasn't gonna flash him for a discount, I was gonna flash him because I wanted to flash him. Any discounts were an unrelated but welcome bonus.
MH: Besides, I've flashed people for beads before. And I've flashed news cameras at protests, and bands at concerts. Also, believe it or not, I have been known, on occasion, to whip'em out when I boink people.
EB: Yeah, but... I mean, the liquor store is an entirely different situation. It's less socially acceptable there. Not to mention the fact that it may or may not be illegal - disturbing the peace, if nothing else.
MH: It's just mammaries, Ellen. It's not like we're talking about actual genitals. We're not talking about something that secretes. You wouldn't have had an issue with Jamie taking his shirt off.
EB: Actually, yes, I would have. Because regardless of gender, taking off your shirt in the damn liquor store is not something that you're supposed to do.
(JH is in the background, setting the beverage on fire)
MH: We outnumbered cashier and Riesling guy. If the three of us had gone topless, they would have been the socially unacceptable ones.
EB: For an extremely limited definition of "society", I suppose, sure.