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Jamie is very talented.


(Wednesday, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

(Jamie is serving his concoction)
EB: So what's this called?
JH: I dunno, I was just sorta experimenting. Goofing around, really.
MH: It just tastes like straight fruit juice. Is there even any alcohol in this?
JH: Oh yeah, there's plenty of alcohol in there. I mixed a bunch of different alcohols together and added a bunch of sugar, I think that's why there's no burning sensation when you drink it.
MH: Aw, bullshit. You didn't want to drink in the first place, so you just made weakass punch and hoped we wouldn't notice.
JH: No, really! There's... Well, okay, let's see if I can actually calculate it out.
JH (counting on fingers): The vodka was 40 percent alcohol by volume, and about a cup of that went into the pitcher. The tequila was 80 proof, and I think a proof is half a percent, like two hundred proof is pure alcohol? So it was the same strength, and there was another cup of that.
JH: That purple wine cooler stuff was only about 20 proof, and there was some Everclear, but only a few tablespoons...
MH (facedown on the carpet): Fucking floor! You batstard! Gimme back Jamie! EB: I think I'm just gonna sip mine.
JH: That might be a good idea, yeah.