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Truth or Dare requires a great deal of trust in one's fellow players and an implicit understanding of social norms and interpersonal psychology. But then, I suppose, the same could be said of any game.


(Wednesday, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB: Okay, I'll participate in Truth or Dare on the condition that Max not request anything remotely sexual for once in her life.
MH: No problem.
EB: I will remind you that kissing, groping, genitals, nudity, and questions about romantic infatuation or when one lost one's virginity all fall under the heading of "sexual".
MH: Jeez, cut off my hands, why dontcha?
MH: Fine. Ellen, I Dare you to finish the rest of your drink before we move on to the next question and/or challenge.
EB: Truth.
MH: Okay, traditional game, traditional question. Most embarrassing moment.
EB: Pass.
MH: You - I - what - you can't fucking pass! Jamie, tell her she can't fucking pass on the first question!
JH: She's got a point, Ellen. You already agreed to play.
EB: My most embarrassing moment is sexual in nature and she damn well knows it.
MH: Having a Carrie moment getting your first period during a spelling bee isn't sexual in nature.
EB: It involved my vagina, that counts!