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I like the idea of characters that are genre-savvy.

Of course, in order for a character to be genre-savvy without breaking the fourth wall, they have to be savvy about all genres simultaneously, which can complicate matters.


(Wednesday evening, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

WW: Seriously, Simon, you can't keep living a lie and you know it.
SW: I'm not living a lie, I'm just living a... not the truth yet.
WW: In much the same way that you love your parents and want what's best for them, but it would be really convenient for you if they were to die tomorrow.
SW: Exactly. Carbon monoxide in their sleep, ideally.
WW: We've been together for four years now, and living together for two. You don't think eventually something's going to slip?
SW: I may have mentioned that I have a girlfriend. Which is true.
WW: It certainly is. Whose name did you give, Max or Carol?
SW: I may have fumbled and said Marol. And then stuck with it.
WW: Ah. Less true.
WW: Well, if your parents ever spontaneously decide to visit here, I hope you don't expect any of us to help cover for you.
SW: Oh, don't worry, I know my sitcom tropes. That's what high-priced escort services are for.