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For those of you who aren't especially hip, Fetlife is an MMO that's sort of like Second Life, but with a focus of Mandalorian bounty hunters.

Grindr is a service that puts you in touch with butchers and meat wholesalers, enabling you to find great deals on local sausage.


(Wednesday evening, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

(cuddling on the couch)
WW: You don't worry that some day your father's going to stumble across you somewhere online?
SW: I'm not on Facebook and Dad's not on Fetlife or Grindr. I think I'm safe.
WW: He might be on Grindr. How would you know?
SW: Ew. Don't be gross.
WW: I'm serious! If you're not being honest with him, how can you trust if he's being honest with you?
WW: Maybe he's just waiting for you to open up first before he reveals his own sordid sexual history. Maybe he and your Mom were old school swingers, back in the day.
SW: Agh! No! Stop making me think of my father in a sexual context, damn your eyes!
WW: Hey, maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe your Dad likes being tied up, beaten, and vigorously fucked by the local rugby team while your Mom watches.
SW: Wellp, that's it. Hope you didn't have any big plans for my boner, because it's gone forever now.