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The significance of any act of physical intimacy is, necessarily, in the minds of the participants... but some actions can never be completely divorced from their emotional impact. As strange as it may sound, Ellen and Max's kiss (the non-pukey part of it, anyway) actually had a greater emotional significance for Max than it did for Ellen.

Max has no problem with the idea of Friends with Benefits. As far as she's concerned, while eroticism cannot be divorced from affection, it can certainly be applied to forms of affection other than romance - her desire for Ellen is real, though she would never dream of categorizing their relationship as anything other than friendship. Ellen, on the other hand, like many monogamuggles, always associates geniune erotic expression with romantic connection - with Max's kiss, she was basically just going through the motions.

Oh, and I should mention that all those extras you see in the background and foreground of this comic are on loan from Riot Nrrd. If you've ever written up a survey and included a line that said "Gender: [ ]M [ ]F (check one)", then I'd say Riot Nrrd is required reading. Go to it!


(Thursday morning, INT: gym, EB and MH are walking and hydrating)

EB: I didn't think you had to have someone on the list to be able to kiss them.
MH: Depends on the kiss. A peck on the cheek for a geriatric aunt is cool, but something like what we did, with the tongue, is obviously a bigger deal.
MH: There's two components there, the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. The physical and the emotional. I have to keep both in mind at all times.
EB: But in our case, purely the letter and the physical, yes?
MH: Nothing is ever purely physical, especially not kissing on the mouth. It may have been a tragically unreciprocated eff-dubya-bee situation, but I do care for you, Ellen. Don't make me bust out the elaborately choreographed musical number to say so.
EB: That won't be necessary.
MH (beginning to dance on treadmill): Some! Times! When I'm feelin' down, I just- EB (interrupting): I said that won't be necessary!