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One of the best anecdotes I've ever heard about the development of a fetish was part of an anti-masturbation screed delivered by a guest speaker at a church function. I cannot vouch for the story's veracity, but it seems plausible enough.

The story is about a young man who grew up with a big family on a small farm. He had no privacy in the house, so when he wanted to masturbate, he'd have to go sneak out behind the shed to do so. Behind the shed, there was very little to look at, so he usually found himself staring down at his boots while bringing himself to climax.

Once the boy had grown up, moved out, and had his own home with plenty of space, he had a huge closet full of men's boots that he felt compelled to collect for some reason.


(Thursday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

EB: Regardless of the legal requirements, I think we have to consider the practical ethical ramifications. If there are no actual children being harmed, shouldn't people have the freedom to draw pictures of whatever they want?
LH: I think the standard line is that it conditions the brain to find children sexually attractive.
EB: You're making a slippery slope argument? Drawn child pornography necessarily leads to real child pornography, which necessarily leads to actual sexual abuse?
LH: It's simple Pavlovian conditioning. That's how all fetishes start in the first place, it's a runaway feedback loop.
LH: Plus, we have to consider where he got this stuff in the first place. I doubt Mr. Greenwood is a manga artist and this is his portfolio. He's probably connected to some shady online pedophile community that distributes both drawn and photographed material, and the police might be able to use this evidence to help bust them, too.
EB: What, and arrest all of 4chan?
LH: One can only hope.