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True story: as many of you know, I write the scripts for these comics way in advance. In particular, this script was written nearly a year before actual production.

At the time, I knew I needed a surname for the shotacon-owner, so I essentially picked one at random. It was only much later, as I was drawing the comic in question, that the significance struck me.


My subconscious is a witty little son of a bitch.


(Thursday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

EB: Well, now hang on. You're assuming the man of the household is the guilty party, here. Not that that surprises me.
LH: Ellen, you are not going to try and tell me this is Mrs. Greenwood's child porn collection. I refuse to believe you believe that. I refuse to believe you're even considering that.
EB: Well, no, statistically, probably not. But look, this is all shotacon stuff - prepubescent boys with adult females. Presuming that Mr. Greenwood is mentally placing himself in the scenario, is he fantasizing about being the woman, or about being the little boy?
LH: Those are our two options? That he's a man who thinks he's a woman, or he's... some sort of reverse pedophile?
EB: I suppose it could be someone else in the household. Do we know if the Greenwoods have any kids?
LH: I have no idea. Does it really matter whose porn it is?
EB: Heck, it might not even be anyone in their family. This may have been the act of a particularly rude houseguest who had unsupervised access to their PC for a few minutes.
LH: Well, that certainly puts the time Gina didn't use a coaster into perspective.