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L33t hackers, man. You gotta watch out for those l33t hackers.

I'm honestly kind of disappointed that the future didn't turn out more cyberpunk than it did. I'd rather like having to wear fingerless gloves and goggles on my forehead to upload these comics.


(Thursday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

EB: We're also assuming that it was someone in the Greenwood household who did this in the first place. I mean, in theory, it could be someone else.
LH: What, a hacker? A hacker parked their unmarked van somewhere in the suburbs, brute forced the WEP key, then used some undocumented backdoor exploit in Vista to access a non-shared folder and upload four megs of dubious JPEGs before driving off into the sunset?
EB: Well, no, I'm thinking more like if they accidentally downloaded some sort of -
LH: If you say "a virus did it", so help me, Ellen, I will fire you. I will terminate your employment right here, right now.
EB: You have to admit, it may be incredibly unlikely, but it's at least possible.
LH: It's really not.
EB: Technically, it is.
LH: No, it isn't.
EB: I happen to know for a fact that it is.
LH: What did you do, Ellen?
EB (shifty eyes): Nothing you can prove in a court of law.