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Hard to get that word out.

It's not that Wallace is a Scrooge, necessarily, and he's certainly not hurting for money. He's just learned the hard way what every self-employed businessman has to learn - if you want to make a living at something, don't offer to do it for your friends and family (and friends of family, and family of friends...) for free. Discounted, perhaps, but never free. That way lies madness.


(Thursday afternoon, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

JH (over the phone): Hello?
WW: Hey, Jamie. It's Wallace, Max's boyfriend.
JH: Oh, hey Wallace. What's up?
WW: I just wanted to apologize again about hitting you the other day.
(INT: EB and JH's place)

JH: It's all good, I understand you had your reasons. If I didn't already say so, I totally forgive you. I forgave you, like, immediately.
WW: I know. Seriously, though, I feel really bad about it, and I talked with Simon, and... and I'd like to offer to produce one of your boardgames. For... for ffffff-.
JH: Wallace? I think you cut out there for a second.
WW: I'd like to offer to do it for fffffff...
JH: For... fifty? Forty? Dollars? Percent of the take? What?
(back with WW and SW again)

SW (taking phone): He's doing it for free, Jamie.
JH: Oh. Oh, awesome.
SW: Pick out your best one, bring it on over, we can take a look at it together.
JH: Can do!
WW (still having trouble talking): Fffff...