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Since neither Simon nor Wallace feel compelled to correct Jamie's assumption, I suppose I should step in and mention the obvious fact that a preference for dominant or submissive behaviour in the context of a BDSM scene does not necessarily correspond to behaviour outside of that scene.

Also, ten points if you know the episode of Gargoyles that inspired the idea of metasubmissiveness.


(Thursday afternoon, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

WW: Simon is metasubmissive.
JH: Metawhatnow?
SW: See, of all the members of our poly relationship, I'm the only one that's into BDSM in a major way.
WW: Hence, we have days set aside for Simon, where we indulge his particular fetish to the best of our ability.
SW: We call'em S&M Tuesdays, and they're friggin' awesome.
SW: Tuesday is my day to shine. When the third day of the week rolls around, I make Golden Age Wonder Woman look like a vanilla milkshake. I'm kinkier than a two dollar garden hose and I take more hits than Willie Nelson's bong.
WW: Basically, we tie him up, we beat the shit out of him, we engage in all his favourite little fucked up power mindgames that he loves so much...
WW: ...and, at the tail end of the session, the very last torture we inflict on him is to order him to be proactive, assertive and dominant for the next six days.
SW: I'm in assertive mode right now. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable, which is awesome.