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In the subconscious-symbolism department again... I swear I didn't notice this until after I'd drawn it... note how Wallace is sitting higher up on a comfortable couch, while Simon is sitting down on the hard floor... but Wallace has to keep bending forward in an uncomfortable position in order to continue playing with the man he loves.

Also - relevant to the entirety of the discussion in this scene - Flipmode itself is a game with two binary sides, black vs. white (or gay vs. straight, or dom vs. sub), while also being a game about five different types of pieces, governed by rules you can choose to change as you go.

I enjoy finding little things like this when I'm reviewing my own writing after the fact. I like the idea that there are little hidden processes in the back rooms of my brain, putting more thought and effort into my narratives than I'm aware of.

That was how I first found the confidence to think of myself as a proper authour - when I was half-done writing my novel, a scene popped up in which two characters spontaneously begin singing. When I first wrote it, my only concern was with how it sounded in my head - that particular section of the song sounds nifty, it sounds like the sort of thing those characters would want to sing in that moment. It was only after the fact, analyzing it, that I realized that literally every single line of lyrics I had just transcribed had significance for the characters, for the scene, and for the book as a whole.

Being a writer is pretty damn cool.


(Thursday afternoon, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

JH: So... Simon's the only one who's into bondage?
WW: Yeah, I try my best to be a good dom for him, but to be quite honest, there's no thrill in dominance for me the way there is for submission for him. I just do it purely to make him happy, and Trent, Carol and Max are the same.
JH: Wow, you all get in on it at once? Four on one?
WW: Nah, we usually switch out. In theory, we'd each get one week a month, but I live with him, so I'm usually involved at least half the time.
JH: Still, though. Having to participate in a fetish you don't share...
WW: There's no "have to" about it. I love this man. If that means I spend one evening a week learning how to tie a karada and work a riding crop, then it's a small price to pay for knowing I can make the man I love happy.
SW (completing Flipmode game): Aww, I love beating you too, honey.
WW: And boy howdy, is he ever gonna get it this week.