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The games I've presented over the course of Leftover Soup are by no means unalterable. If you come up with alternate rulesets or modes of play, by all means, test them out, and post your revisions in the forum!


(Thursday afternoon, INT: WW and SW's apartment)

JH: So that was Flipmode. Seems like you guys understood it pretty easily.
WW: Yeah, it's easy enough, but...
JH: But what?
SW: The aura capture is overpowered, especially when paired with straight or diagonal movement. And pin is underpowered and awkward to use.
JH: Well, yeah. Different cards make different pieces more or less powerful. That's kinda the point of the game.
WW: I can't help but feel like the game would be improved with a much larger board, things are too cramped on seven by seven. And maybe add in immovable pillar squares in the middle that pin pieces can pin foes against.
SW: Ooh, and maybe, instead of just swapping cards around, have a capture and a movement deck - so when you change a piece's powers, what they get is random!
WW: Oh hey, and that means you can add in all sorts of other movement and capture types, like teleportation, but only to unattended spaces, or elongated knight jumps...
SW: Or a "swap" movement card that lets your piece change places with another piece!
JH: The board game designer bug is an infectious little bastard, isn't he?