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Abnormally attentive readers who are especially well-versed in fourth edition rules might be saying "Hey, wait a minute! Ellen said she was making a tiefling warlock, and warlocks are strikers! With Nicole as the leader and Max 'tanking it', that means Gina should be making a controller!"

If you did remember all that, and did reach that unfathomably pedantic conclusion, before we can continue, I'm going to have to ask that you go give yourself a swirlie in the closest available toilet. Don't lie, you know how to self-administer, go do it, I'll wait here.


Back? Okay. Here's the deal.

Although Lily is strictly only allowing material from the core books for this game, Ellen still managed to stat up a warlock that functions better as a controller - and, because she's Ellen, her build is a more effective controller than most wizards.

And, for those of you who are the polar opposite of our sopping-headed brethren, you who neither know nor give a shit about anything D&D-related, allow me to provide the following metaphor:

The girls are having a potluck. They need a main course, a side dish, a beverage, and a dessert. Ellen bought a bunch of fruit that would normally be used to make a dessert, but then she put it through the juicer, so she's bringing juice, and now Gina has to make a dessert.

Unless she opts not to show up at all, of course, in which case they'll be having a potluck without any dessert - still a good time, but less so.


(Friday morning, EXT: just outside Overdrive Computers)

EB: Morning, Gina.
GU: Good morning, Ellen.
EB: You're all set for tomorrow, right? Got a striker character written up, got a handle on the fourth edition sneak attack rules?
(INT: entering the building)

GU: Uh... no, actually. I've been kinda busy this week.
EB: Oh. Well, no biggie. Hopefully it'll be slow today, I've got the PDFs on my thumb drive, I'm sure Lily won't mind us taking a few minutes of company time for it.
GU: Oh, I don't know.
EB: What do you mean, you don't know? The game is tomorrow, and if you don't have all your skills picked and equipment purchased, the bosslady's gonna start imposing stat penalties on us.
EB: On us, Gina.
GU: Actually, I've been thinking of... not showing up tomorrow.
EB: Okay, I see you've definitely mastered backstabbing...