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Creativity. What is it? Where does it come from?

As long as I can remember, I've always been a creative person, whatever that means. I'm also a voracious reader (or, at any rate, a voracious consumer of various media), and I assume the two are related.


(Friday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers)

EB: Seriously, Ulrich, you're a human fucking being. I refuse to believe you read nothing but Bible and Bible-related literature.
GU: Well, no, of course not, but just making a warmed over version of someone else's fictional character... that isn't creativity.
EB: That's why you need diversity of input. If all I read was Twilight, then I tried to write my own novels, they'd all be about love triangles between sparkling vampires. If I read Twilight and watched Star Wars, maybe I'd write about sparkly space knights that have telekinesis Force powers but also wrestle with the craving for human blood.
EB: Eventually, if you put enough things in the blender, what comes out doesn't taste too much like any one ingredient. That's what creativity is.
GU: I don't know if I can put enough new things in my brain blender to become that creative in one day.
EB: Well, you've been gaming with us for years. I'd say you've already got plenty of rogues, ninjas, and scoundrels lurking about in your memory banks.
GU (realization): Come to think of it, wasn't Max's elven ninja a prostitute that betrayed her own people?