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I'm not giving them full writeups like I did for Rahab, but Gina is referring to Delilah and Jael. The whole book of Judges is a damn bloodbath.

When it comes to roguey-types in popular media, I have two personal favourites - Sherlock Holmes (as portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., more so in the first movie than the second), and Edmund Pevensie (as portrayed by Skandar Keynes in any of the recent Narnia movies).

Sherlock fits the bill not only because of his preplanned full attacks (note that the first element in his sequences is always something that renders his opponents flatfooted, so that he can target specific points of their anatomy), but because he has a certain antisocial arrogance that I think is essential to a good rogue. After all, regardless of the law-chaos axis of one's alignment, any rogue needs to believe that their ends justify their means, and that fair fights and colouring inside the lines are for other people.

Edmund makes the list not merely for his tendency to backstab and improvise, but because, throughout the movies, Keynes portrays him with a kind of repressed darkness. After all, regardless of the good-evil axis of one's alignment, it takes a certain hardness of spirit to say to oneself "Well, of course the ideal time to stab this person is when they're distracted. In fact, if they were tied up or asleep, that would be even better."

Plus, in that one scene where he stabs the sea monster in the roof of its mouth, you can practically hear his player screaming out "SIXTEEN D-SIX, MOTHERFUCKEERRRR!".


(Friday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers)

EB (making a list): Okay, let's list off some of the sneaky striker-type characters we've played with. There was Max's elf ninja you mentioned, Cherry Blossom... Axle was a monk/rogue... I played a Bothan when we did that Star Wars game...
GU: There was T-oh-five-oh in that game too, I think she was statted as a scoundrel of some sort.
EB: And you can probably think of other rogues from general pop culture, even if you're not a fan of the material. Zorro, Robin Hood, Aladdin, Mal Reynolds, Jack Sparrow, the guy from Tangled...
GU: I can't help but notice that those are all men.
EB: Hmm. Indeed. Pop culture would seem to imply that female sneakiness should be more of the in-bed social stuff, less literal back stabbing.
GU: Like a prostitute who betrays her own people, perhaps.
GU: Or someone who uses sex to extract the secret of someone's strength, or who crushes a man's head with a tent peg while he's asleep...
EB: Okay, I take it back. Maybe you should be looking to the Bible for inspiration after all.