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This is, of course, the other side of creativity, the part you can't really control - those beautiful muse moments where you enter a sort of fugue state and the images, the dialogue, the story just tumble out of you in their raw form. Those are awesome, if occasionally inconvenient.

The story of Jael, much like the story of Rahab, is one that most Christian congregations will try to spin into a tale of moral rightness, despite being fundamentally despicable. The central point seems to be that Jael "trusted in God" (and, fortunately, happened to be on the winning side of history). It's really kind of effed up, and it's unfortunate that she's often presented as one of a few Biblical role models for young girls. I highly doubt that any Christian family would be pleased with their daughter lying to police to protect enemy spies in her home, or using false hospitality to assassinate a world leader with whom they have an intact peace treaty.

Oh, and that gentleman attempting to purchase a keyboard is, of course, a cameo. Specifically, he is Dr. Nathan Gregory, of the webcomic With Fetus. As the name would suggest, it is a webcomic about an abortion clinic, and I highly recommend it to anyone on either side of the abortion issue.


(Friday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers)

GU: Well, as interesting as it is, I really doubt fourth edition has feats for crushing a man's head with a tent peg.
EB: Oh, don't worry about the game mechanics at this point. I'm sure we can put some numbers on a piece of paper that say you're really good at hitting things in the jugular, I'm not worried about that part.
EB: Use it as fuel for a character. Ask yourself - what sort of things would have to happen in your past, what sort of person would you have to be to even consider inviting someone to stay in your home, then interrupting his REM cycle with a piece of camping equipment?
GU: Well, in Jael's case, there was a war going on...and Sisera was... I guess he was the big bad guy.
EB: Okay, good, think. It's war time. You're a teenage girl. It's the evil necromancer who's been tormenting your people - who killed your mother and your sister!
GU: He's wounded. He shows up at my father's inn to hide and rest, he thinks his illusion spell is holding, but the amulet peeking out from his cloak... I recognize it from the night I watched my mother die... and then undie...
GU: It's midnight. I'm trembling in my white cotton nightgown. All I have with me is a candle, the kitchen meat cleaver, and something that I think passes for a clever excuse...
unnamed customer: Excuse me, I'm looking for a wireless keyboard... EB: Quiet! We're having a breakthrough moment!