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I have a tendency to overshare - or, at any rate, I have a tendency to do what other people have told me is oversharing. I think most of my characters have inherited this trait.


(Saturday morning, INT: MH's apartment)

JH: I suppose, in theory, I should be offended that you're using - or trying to use - me like this.
MH: But you're not offended?
JH: I dunno. I guess a) I'm not surprised, and b) I kinda take it as a compliment.
MH: Well, for what it's worth, I don't really think of it as using you so much as helping you two to solve each other's problems. People's happiness is always the end goal for me, never the means to an end. Except in those cases when it is.
JH: It sounds confusing, being you.
MH: I ain't gonna lie, I make mistakes. I get stupid and selfish sometimes, and it's tough for me to keep in mind that I'm supposed to respect people's autonomy when they have beliefs and priorities that are different from mine.
JH: I think everyone on the planet could say the same at one point or another.
MH: And now I'm all self-conscious about my actions and motivations, since you laid that altruism-of-others-as-manifestation-of-the-benevolence-of-God thing on me.
JH: Hey, you make people weirdly uncomfortable with inappropriate intimacy your way, I'll do it mine.