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Feminist authour Andrea Dworkin is famously and frequently misquoted as having said "all sex is rape". Of course, she said nothing of the sort.

In her seminal work Intercourse, Dworkin highlighted the fundamental power inequalities between men and women, and society's preoccupation with a phallocentric, invasive view of the sex act. In such a culture, Dworkin argued, women's ability to meaningfully consent is diminished, if not, in some cases, entirely eliminated.

Of course, even among homosexual partners, there is never perfect equality. One person will always be stronger than the other, smarter than the other, more sexually desirable, more financially independent, more emotionally mature, more emotionally attached...

And, really, depending on your view of human free will, one might see someone as "forced" to do something by their emotional attachments, or by psychological conditioning, or by the prevailing societal narrative, or by their hormones, or by their habits, or by their fantasies, or by their fears.

So no, not all sex is rape.

Just most of it.


(Saturday afternoon, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

JH: So is Max a real woman? Do you deny her femininity, her adulthood, or her humanity?
LH: I'm not engaging you in this bullshit. Why are you here, anyway? Aren't you supposed to go to work?
JH: I called in sick, actually.
LH: Clearly you're not.
JH: I choose to take that as a compliment, thank you. I'm planning on staying in my room for the duration of your game, though, so you don't have to worry about that.
LH: I'll worry about whatever I want to worry about. What prompted you to lie to and defraud your employer?
JH: Well, if you must know, Max prompted me to, because she finds me attractive and desirable, and wanted to spend the entirety of this morning humping my brains out.
LH: And did she?
JH: Not that it's even remotely any of your business, but no. No, because she and I are platonic friends.
LH: So you're forfeiting a day's pay because a woman told you she'd have sex with you, then she reneged on it because you're such a good friend, and you're actually proud of it?
LH: You're really making a great case for not being a beta male.