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I've never liked the phrase "capable of murder". Or, rather, I've never liked the way it's used.

Flabbergasted neighbours will use it to describe serial killers to reporters - "He seemed so nice! I never would have thought he was capable of murder!"

To say that someone isn't capable of murder is not a good thing. After all, there are a few, rare, circumstances in which murder is the morally and/or ethically (if not legally) correct course of action. Plenty of heroes in movies, comics, TV... heck, heroes in stories dating back to antiquity - plenty of heroic figures are, technically, murderers. I know I certainly wouldn't consider it a compliment if someone said I wasn't capable of heroism.


(Saturday afternoon, INT: Capsaicin Lounge kitchen)

GO: Halligan? I thought you said you had explosive diarrhea. "Like a shotgun filled with chunky peanut butter fired directly into the toilet bowl", I believe was your phrasing.
JH: Yeah, I did say that. It cleared up just as quick as it appeared, though, I'm pretty sure I'm fine. I'm washing my hands a lot and only handling stuff that's going to be cooked.
GO: Also, aren't you supposed to be in court, or in jail or something?
JH: That cleared up pretty quick too. The only witness is dead, so all the charges were dropped.
GO: Dead?
JH: Decapitated, to be specific.
GO: Damn, man, I didn't think you were that cold! Well done!
JH: I didn't kill him, Greg. Not... not directly, anyway.
GO: And you can delegate! You know, I always thought you were management material!