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"Classes" in roleplaying games are weird. I expect most "fighters" or "clerics" would reject being so simplistically classified, and most "rogues" or "barbarians" would actively take offense to being thusly labelled.

Of course, for that matter, I imagine that most people, if they could see their character sheets, would object to their official alignment, stats, and level.


(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, around the gaming table)

LH: Alright, before we do our everyone-meets-in-a-tavern bit, let's get some descriptions.
MH: Roight. Werl, moi naym is Phlora, ahnd Oi'm an 'arfling foitah...
EB: Oh God, are you doing an accent? No accents! We have a no accent rule!
MH: My accents are great!
EB: Your accents are incomprehensible!
GU: I'm going to have to agree with Ellen on this one.
EB: It starts with talking in an accent, then you're gesturing, and that leads to standing up...
EB: ...and the next thing you know we're making cardboard armour and running around a public park hitting each other with Nerf bats. Do you want that? Do you?
MH: ...No.
NP: Wait a minute, your character sheet says dwarven warlord... but you said... I think you said you're a halfling fighter...?
MH: Werl of coorse Oi'm an 'arfling foitah! Oi foits tha little bahstids oll tha toim, Oi duz!