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One of the persistent elements of Leftover Soup, I think, is openness of communication. My characters can be clueless, inattentive, grumpy, prejudiced, ignorant, and inarticulate, but they don't shy away from discussing controversial or difficult topics. In some other comic, the romantic potential of Jamie and Ellen's relationship would remain unspoken, misunderstandings would arise, tensions would build... Leftover Soup isn't that sort of strip.


(Sunday morning, INT: EB and JH's apartment, eating omelettes)

JH: So how's krav maga going?
EB: Exhausting, but educational. My body is not going to let this protein go to waste, I can tell you that.
EB: What is this meat in here, anyway? I know it's not bacon...
JH: Prosciutto.
EB: And prosciutto is...
JH: A kind of ham. And the cheese is ricotta.
EB: Got it.
JH: So heads up, apparently Max "ships" us.
EB: I'm aware, I assure you. I'm surprised she told you about it, though.
JH: Well, it came up when we were having a heart-to-heart moment the other day.
EB: In lieu of a genital-to-genital moment?
JH: Well, it was that or an elbow-to-elbow moment, and those moments are notoriously awkward.