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There's an iconic scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally where Billy Crystal's character asserts that men and women can never truly be "just friends" because sexual attraction always gets in the way.

Far from being sensible advice, this scene is meant, I think, to indicate Harry's self-centered, childish, misanthropic nature. He's saying he can never be friends with half of all adults! He claims he can't separate even the faintest hint of sexual attraction from other aspects of human interaction, and that sexual appetites will always override everything else - and not only does he claim that this is the case for himself, but he goes so far as to project this sexual monomania onto the entirety of the species. Presumably, he thinks gay men can't be friends with other men, and lesbians can't be friends with other women, and bisexuals can't be friends with anyone.

I don't know about you, but if I couldn't be friends with people to whom I'm attracted, I'd be a very lonely individual.

(I have some pretty hot friends.)


(Sunday morning, INT: EB and JH's apartment, eating omelettes)

EB: So would you still be making omelettes for me in the mornings if I was a dude?
JH: Um... yeah. I'd still be making omelettes for you if you were a Lhasa Apso.
EB: See, I told Max that. She insists that you do it because you're attracted to me.
JH: I'm not allowed to be attracted to you, remember? You'd evict me.
EB: You're not allowed to express attraction for me. I don't think I can command you not to be attracted. That'd be like ordering you not to feel hungry or tired.
JH: Ah, but if you believe Max, sexual attraction - and therefore, presumably, lack of attraction - can be an act of will.
EB: Yeah, well, I love the woman, but I think we can both agree that Max is full of shit.
JH: ...You know, I'm actually kind of disappointed that she's not here to make some sort of innuendo about what she's actually full of...