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A lot of people who know about tabletop gaming are only familiar with Dungeons and Dragons. Of course, there are thousands of systems out there - some better than others - and the nature of the game you run is, necessarily, going to be flavoured by the system you use to portray it.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH (with snacks): Bam. Artisanal ants on a log. Hand-mixed cashew-almond butter, candied raisins and citrus peel, cane-sugar-and-cassia-essence-infused celery sticks...
MH: You're a mad genius.
JH: Damn straight.
JH: That's a lot of books. What system are you actually running the game in?
MH: Ugh. That's just it. I have a particular setting and storyline in mind, but none of these systems are really ideal for it.
MH: I mean, we've got GURPS, which, in theory, can handle anything, but it's clunky and tends to slow things down. There's BESM, but it adds this whole anime flavour that I'm not really going for.
MH: I'm comparing pros and cons for Fuzion and Alternity at the moment, but neither is really right.
JH: Well, if you've got a specific story and a specific world with specific limitations in mind, and it only has to be for one session... why not just create your own system?
MH: What, just create my own roleplaying game from scratch?
JH: Yeah, all we have to do is whip up a mathematical model that predicts the outcomes of every action a human being could choose to take. How hard could it possibly be?