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Some of the best games I've ever run were done in a simple homebrew system. In general, I find it easier to customize the way the universe works to the story I want to tell, rather than vice versa.

I make my own fun. That's just how I roll.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH: Okay, game designer one-oh-one. Start with the player experience you want to create and work backwards. What sort of game do you want this to be?
MH: Definitely fast-paced, action-oriented, not a whole lot of intrigue or puzzle-solving. I have at least four combats I want to go through, and four combats in one session... I can't let my players get distracted.
JH: Okay, so we'll take all the knowledge skills and disable device shit and drop it into one heading called "Trivia". What else? What kind of combats are these, weapons, armour?
MH: Modern setting, so not a whole lot of armour. I'm thinking of over-the-top choreographed action sequences from movies like The Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Kill Bill, Sucker Punch...
JH: We'll have to work out mechanics for parkour, martial arts, ranged disarms, kicking weapons into your hand, that sort of thing. What else? Magic?
MH: That's actually the big reason none of the other systems worked for me. I have this whole mythology in my mind, all the paranormal stuff is based around this universal Beat that the player characters can access to influence the world.
JH: Y'know, of all the mystical root vegetables to base a magic system around, I would have thought potatoes or onions...
MH (smacking him): B-E-A-T, ya jackass.