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Y'know, I'm glad that we're having a plotline with Max that has little, if anything, to do with sexual intercourse. Of course, she's my lovable wacky little nympho, and crass comments about the human reproductive system are simply a part of how her mind operates... but it's important to me to show that she's not purely a one-dimensional walking boner joke.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH: Okay. Without healing spells and potions, the PCs will have to be able to heal really quickly between fights.
MH: I was actually thinking of borrowing something from fourth edition for that - healing surges.
JH: What are those?
MH: In fourth edition, you have a certain number of "healing surges", depending on your class and your Con score. You can take a "second wind" action to use one, and it gives you back a quarter of your hit points.
JH: Hmm. Maybe we can take a hint from modern first person shooters, give you an unlimited number of healing surges, but you have to duck behind cover and rest a round for them to take effect. And don't give them to the bad guys.
MH: That would make sense. And, since we're designing this from the ground up, I can say you start using healing surges by default whenever you get knocked unconscious, and player characters never die - they just go down into negative hit points as far as they like, and inevitably heal themselves back up to full.
JH: You're making them effectively indestructible. Won't that take some of the urgency out of things?
MH: You're right. We need to somehow incentivize players to not catch rocket propelled grenades with their faces.