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In case you're wondering, Ellen mentioned action points here.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

MH: I don't want to put in risk of actual death - having someone drop out in the first combat and have to whip up a new character to be added in would slow things down - but I do want to keep the sense of danger there. What's the game designer one-oh-one lesson here?
JH: Well, it's the same as getting anyone to do anything. If you can't use the stick, use the carrot.
JH: In regular D&D, that'd be experience points, but we're not going to be gaining levels in this game...
MH: Action points!
JH: I think I heard Ellen mention action points once. What are they?
MH: Action points were added to three point five for the Eberron setting... I think they're in fourth as well, but they're optional... basically, action points let you add a d6 onto any roll you're making. If we make them payouts for pulling off kickass action sequences, rather than just gaining levels...
JH: Yes! Yes! This is good! Reward the kind of play you want to see with instant bonuses that make players feel more powerful.
JH: Of course, if they use these points to perform even more action sequences, they keep gaining more and more points to perform more and more over-the-top actions in a sort of escalating spiral of mayhem...
MH: So what I hear you saying is that there's no downside, then.