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Some time ago, I mentioned that each of my Core Three characters have an eighteen stat, and it might not be the one you'd think. Max's isn't Charisma - it's Con.

Keep in mind, though, that merely having an 18 Constitution doesn't mean she'll make every single Fort save, any more than Jamie's 18 Dexterity prevents him from ever fumbling a Dex check.

It's entirely possible that I spend too much time thinking about roleplaying games.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH: Well, I'm sorry we can't all have superhuman vegan immune systems.
MH: Dude. Are you under the impression that I'm under the impression that being a vegan is somehow a healthy thing to do?
JH: Aren't you?
MH: Are you kidding me? I'm intentionally preventing myself from eating, like, eighty percent of food, and I'm making up the difference with soy bullshit and multivitamins. I'm not healthy because I'm vegan, I'm vegan because I'm healthy enough to survive it.
JH: That would explain why you don't proselytize.
MH: Dude, I look after dogs and cats for a living. If I insisted that everyone around me eat a vegan diet, I'd run out of dogs and cats pretty damn fast.
JH: Either that, or you'd manage to breed a herbivorous dog.
MH: I dunno, it's kinda hard to create a next generation when you can't use protein to do it.