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I would be remiss as an authour - and, indeed, as a human being - if I didn't have Max at least pay lip service to safer sex.

So yes, in case anyone cares, Max canonically uses condoms and dental dams when with people other than Carol, Simon, Wallace and Trent (exceptions are rare and carefully vetted), and all five of them get tested regularly, whether they've been playing outside or not. As of this point in the story, she is STI free, as far as she knows.

I encourage all my readers - regardless of age, sexual philosophy, and degree of promiscuity - to educate themselves about STIs, safer sex, and the potential risks of sharing bodiy fluids.


(Sunday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH: So speaking of protein being used to create the next generation, your dietary habits, and things that you are full of...
MH: That is the greatest segue ever uttered by a human mouth. Yes, by all means, continue this line of discussion.
JH: You're obviously okay with consuming human byproducts. Would you drink breast milk?
MH: If it were freely offered? Of course I would. If you could make ice cream or cheese out of that, I would just go nuts on it.
JH: I imagine there'd probably be a substantial market for that, if it weren't such a health risk...
MH: Well, I'm assuming it's pasteurized. Truth be told, I talk a big game, but I'm really only fluidbonded with my guys and Carol.
JH: Fluidbonded. I like that term. It almost makes it sound romantic.
MH: What, you think I'm not romantic? I am romantic as shit, motherfucker. I got romance coming out my ass.