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I freely admit, I don't know jack about fashion, especially not women's fashion, but I hope it's obvious that my characters each have their own style. Nicole dresses modest but girly, always wears earrings that match her wedding ring, and trends towards whites and blues. Ellen wears blacks, greys, reds, and browns, likes geeky printed tees, and has never, in the entirety of Leftover Soup canon to date, worn a dress or a skirt (which may have significance, when you consider her rejected goth past and this incident).

If Ellen had to go somewhere formal and needed fashion advice, she'd go to Nicole. If Max needed fashion advice, she'd go to Carol. If Simon or Trent needed fashion advice, they'd go to Wallace. If Jamie needed fashion advice, evidently, he wouldn't freaking get any and would show up for the meeting that may very well determine whether or not he spends the next few years in jail in a damn short sleeved polo shirt and jeans with a damn clip-on tie.


(Monday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

NP: Does this mean you're gonna make me give back my key?
EB: Nah, keep it. It's important to have someone I trust with it. Just, in future - only use it if Jamie or I know you're gonna be here, or if it's an emergency, okay?
NP: Deal.
EB: So what were you looking for, anyway?
NP: I'm missing a scarf my Mom knitted for me. I just got a new top it'd go perfect with.
EB: You didn't go in Jamie's room, did you?
NP: No, I remembered we cleared that out pretty thoroughly. I just thought maybe you'd borrowed it.
EB: Nicole, in the two and a half years that we lived together, when did I ever borrow an article of your clothing?
NP: It's never too late to grow a sense of style!