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Is Carol a bad girlfriend for assenting to Max and Jamie's copulation without meeting him in the flesh, and basing her assent solely on Max, Wallace, Trent and Simon's descriptions of him?

Having assented to it, is Carol a bad person for forgetting she had done so?

Is Jamie a bad person for assuming that dinner with a woman is a date?

Is Carol a bad person for not disclosing her polyamorous status before agreeing to the date?

Is Jamie a bad person for accepting polyamory in general, but believing that a polyamorous individual should have to disclose their status before initiating a date?

I expect most of you will answer those questions immediately from a gut reaction, and then back your decision up with reasoning after the fact. I'm curious to see how you do so.


(Tuesday, INT: Laundromat)

CA: I'm sorry... did I say something wrong?
JH: Let me ask you something. This... this meal coming up. That was a date, right? I mean, you were aware that I was angling for this to be a date, yes?
CA: I was rather hoping for that to be the case, yes.
JH: And you are aware that, for the vast majority of the population of Western civilization, the default expectation is one of at least serial monogamy, yes?
CA: Do... do I know you?
JH: You should, you okayed me to sleep with your girlfriend.
CA: I'm gonna be honest, that doesn't really narrow it down.
JH: This would have been about two weeks ago, sight unseen.
CA: Oh! Board game guy!
JH: "Board game guy"? You signed off on me plowing your significant other based on "board game guy"?
CA: I was assured they were very nice board games!