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Expectation is everything.

If I hand you what looks like a big, red, juicy strawberry, and you bite into it, and it tastes like potato salad - well, it may be the most delicious potato salad in the world, but you'd still frantically spit it out and proclaim "Bleugh! Something's wrong with that strawberry!".


(Tuesday, INT: Laundromat)

CA: Are you mad at me?
JH: I'm not mad, Carol, I'm just... I mean, if I hadn't happened to know who you were, I would have been mentally psyching myself up for the date all week, and I would have dropped a hundred bucks on dinner...
CA: Dinner at the Capsaicin Lounge is a hundred bucks?
JH: Well, two people, with drinks and dessert...
CA: I would have gone Dutch.
JH: Yes, but I wouldn't have known that! I would have gotten my hopes up for nothing.
CA: Nothing? I can't be your wife, so I'm nothing? You have no other possible reason for wanting to have dinner with me?
JH: That's not what I meant. It's just...
CA: Just what?
JH: Don't you think you should be disclosing your relationship status to a guy before you go making dinner plans with him?
CA: Well, I don't usually make dates with strangers that sniff my laundry, I don't exactly have a protocol in place!