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I know a lot of you are probably seeing Max's relationship with her father, here, and thinking "Ah. Well, that explains it."

Well, no. No it doesn't.

While Max's father is a major fixture in her life, I want to be clear that her manic nature and her promiscuity are not solely the result of "daddy issues". For much the same reason that I didn't want Lily's misandry to stem from some traumatic episode, I don't want to reduce Max's philsophy, relationships and attitude to a sublimated search for paternal approval. Max, like most women, is more complex than that.

And, for those of you who may be tempted to demonize Arnold for yelling at your favourite character, keep in mind, he's a father talking about his dead son.


(Wednesday, INT: Big Heart Animal Rescue)

AH: I wasn't asking for much, Maxine. Just take a half an hour out of your day to honour Mark's sacrifice for his country.
MH: Okay, so apparently we're doing this now. Well, walk and talk, Pops, I'm on the clock.
AH: Your brother died as a hero, Maxine. Three years ago today.
MH: He didn't die as a hero, Dad. He died as a failure. He never went overseas, he never "fought for his country", he was never awarded any shiny pieces of metal. He misplaced a decimal point in a training exercise and killed himself and three other people.
AH: You are going to watch your tone, young lady.
MH: Or what? You'll put your adult daughter over your knee and spank her?
AH: If I thought that was what it would take to knock some basic respect into you, Maxine, I'd certainly be tempted.
MH: I remind you, father, that we are surrounded by dozens of socially maladjusted dogs that know me as the nice lady who brings them food. You wanna hit me in front of them, be my guest.