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This is one of those comics where I had to be careful with the wording (while still striving to make the dialogue sound natural), because I'm still not canonically placing Leftover Soup in any particular city or country. Could be Canada, could be the United States, could be some other fictional country. You don't know. Regardless, I think it works, because I think there are quite a lot of nations whose militaries could be said to be primarily concerned with "blowing up brown people for Freedom".

And, as a pre-emptive reply to the various readers who are currently banging out offended emails to label either myself or Max as horrible unsympathetic unpatriotic hippie fucks, I will say this:

Just wait. Storyline ain't over.


(Wednesday, INT: Big Heart Animal Rescue)

AH: I shouldn't have to spank you, Maxine. All your life, I tried to raise you with a basic respect for the honour and dignity of the Armed Forces. In fact, I had hoped that someday all three of my children would grow up to contribute to the defense of their nation in some meaningful way.
MH: You're joking, right? You couldn't convince me to shoot a deer, but you thought I might take a gig blowing up brown people for Freedom?
AH: Is that honestly the way you think of the military?
MH: Honestly? I think of the military in pretty much the same way I think of the sewer system.
AH: I beg your pardon?
MH: I recognize that it's an important part of the modern world, and I don't begrudge having to pay taxes to fund it...
MH: ...but I still consider its function disgusting, and if I ever find myself actually interacting with it, I have taken a wrong turn somewhere.
AH: I think you just set a world record for number of corpses spinning in their graves simultaneously.