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So no, Max didn't grow up as a military brat. She grew up as a military brat's brat. Arnold has a heart condition.


(Wednesday, INT: Big Heart Animal Rescue)

MH: You have to admit, Dad, even if I were to join up right now, it'd cost far more in taxpayer dollars to get me up to spec than I'd ever contribute. If anything, I'm doing the country a favour by not enlisting.
AH: At least you had the option of contributing.
MH: Hey, don't sell yourself short, Daddio. You helped create two human beings that joined up. And, depending on what Terry accomplishes, you could still wind up in the patriotism-karma-by-proxy black some day.
AH: Some day?
MH: Let's face it, Mark pushed one button and took out four good guys - there are suicide bombers that dream about that kind of ROI. Assuming I stay at a zero, Terry's gotta save four lives before we, as a family unit, break even.
AH: And that's how you calculate things, is it?
MH: Well, not counting all the other things the military accomplishes, other than killing bad guys.
MH: ...Give me a second, I'm sure I'll think of something.
AH: I'm honestly wondering at what point this discussion is just going to become flat-out treason.