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It's been frequently pointed out that "homophobia" is the wrong word. It is wrong in two ways.

Firstly, the prefix "homo" simply means "same". We're not trying to describe a prejudice against uniformity in general, so it really should be "homosexualphobia".

And, of course, the suffix "phobia" refers to an actual psychological condition, a baseless and irrational fear. Generally, the mental attitude in question isn't primarily based on fear, but rather antipathy... One could take the "ism" from "racism" or "sexism", thus forming the word "homosexualism".

But, of course, English is a living language, and doesn't always make sense. And anyway, "homophobia" and "homophobe" just sound better than "homosexualism" and "homosexualist".


(Wednesday evening, INT: WW and SW's place)

JH (continual): mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
WW (touching his arm): Jamie, seriously, it's okay, you can relax. We're not making out.
JH: Oh. Okay. Um... thanks. Whose turn is it?
WW: Mine, I believe.
JH: You... do you guys think I'm homophobic now?
WW: If I said yes, would you feel bad about it and take steps to change?
JH: Yeah.
WW: Then no, you aren't. Don't worry about it.
SW: Yeah, there's a world of difference between not wanting to watch two people tongue kiss on a couch and being one of those hatemongering mouth-breathers that opposes gay marriage.
JH: Right, because heaven forbid we be judgemental of other people at all...