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I think that the current trend towards acceptance of polyamory has a lot to do with the fact that it's called "polyamory" instead of "polysexuality". Perhaps the gay rights movement would have had more successes and had them faster if, instead of "homosexuality", they were defending "homoamory".


(Wednesday evening, INT: WW and SW's place)

JH: So do you honestly think there's no reason to oppose homosexual marriage, other than homophobia?
SW: Well, of course. You can't honestly think it's based on religious doctrine, do you?
SW: There are plenty of other commandments in the Bible, like not eating shrimp...
JH: Or not charging interest on a loan, or not praying in public...
SW: Exactly, thank you... and nobody protests that shit.
SW: Hell, the Catholics don't recognize marriage if one of the partners has previously been divorced, but those marriages are still perfectly legal, and no one forces Catholic priests to perform second marriages at gunpoint. Boom. Done. There is no reason gay marriage shouldn't be handled the same way.
SW: I mean, honestly, can you think of any reason why Wallace and I shouldn't be issued a marriage license, other than homophobia or the dictates of a religion we don't follow?
JH: Uh... because it might make Max, Trent and Carol feel excluded?