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I wonder what level cleric the pope is. How many hit dice of undead can he turn?

(Thursday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers)

GU: Seriously, why would you guys assume that I think depictions of immoral sex are necessarily worse than depictions of immoral violence?
LH: Probably for the same reason that movies with realistic violence get shown in theaters, and explicit pornography doesn't.
GU: I can safely say that Max's innuendo has never inspired me to masturbate, any more than our regular violent roleplay has whipped me into a murderous fugue state. I can separate fantasy from reality.
EB: And yet you still believe in the existence of God...
GU: Not cool, Ellen.
EB: Okay, yeah, that was over the line. Sorry.
LH: That's another thing - your God isn't likely to make an appearance in Max's universe, and the "He's omnipotent so he spans the multiverse" line may not work on her. You may not be able to play a Christian character, let alone a setting-inappropriate "cleric of Jesus".
GU: Well, the system document says the game is going to be taking place in a "modern-day setting not unlike our own", so unless she's retconning almost all of Western culture, I'm reasonably certain I'm going to be able to play a Christian character.
EB: Yeah, if your character wants to have a set of beliefs that cripple her in combat and are demonstrably untrue in the setting of the game, I'm sure Max will allow it...