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There is a particular mindset - usually unspoken - that is common among certain Christians, usually especially young or especially old Christians, and always those who have lived their whole lives in the church. It goes as follows: "My religion is the source of my morality, therefore if you do not have a comparable religion, you must not actually have any sort of morality."

In many cases, victims of this moral myopia will either accuse atheists of being sociopaths, or accuse them of hypocrisy for not being sociopaths.

There is a similar assumption - common to pretty much all Christian and non-Christian demographics - that the sum total of Christian sexual morality is nothing more and nothing less than "don't do it 'til you're married". Of the two, it's hard to say which assumption is the more simplistic, harmful, and dehumanizing.

So yes, when you combine these two mindsets, it's quite common in certain circles (especially among over-sheltered, over-repressed and over-hormoned teen boys) to inadvertently nurture a smoldering resentment along the lines of "Maaaan, if I wasn't such a good Christ-like person, I could be out there doing drugs and having sex all the time."


(Thursday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers)

GU: You really think playing a Christian character puts me at a disadvantage?
EB: Well, the truth or untruth of your beliefs in that setting notwithstanding, it would prevent you from fully taking advantage of the "get laid, get points" rule.
GU: In contrast to an atheist, who has nothing preventing her from jumping into bed with anyone and everyone who crosses her path.
EB: I like how you just implied that all atheists are colossal sluts.
GU: No! No, I meant your char-
EB: Oh relax, I knew what you meant.
LH: Well, presumably, your character could be married. Max might even let you start the game with an NPC husband, if you ask her nicely.
GU: Mmm, might be too much of a power imbalance, if I get an NPC minion with stats comparable to mine. Or worse, if he doesn't get stats like mine, he'd just die in the first combat.
EB: Well, I figure you can treat him like we usually treat wizard familiars. Cram him in the bag of holding with a snorkel, and just yank him out whenever you need a quick stat boost.
LH: Ellen, I can't believe it, but you've finally managed to describe a version of matrimony that I find marginally appealing.