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I loved the scenes in Incredibles where we see Bob at work, trying his damnedest to help people from within the system. That was totally my inspiration, when I was still working at Teletech.

It would appear that Jamie does not have a similar guardian angel.

Also, as a side note, you will notice that while I spell words like "colour" with the Canadian spelling (because I am Canadian), I'm not going to do the same with "cheque" (because it looks dumb).


(Friday. INT: apartment)

EB (arms folded): Seriously, I'm not going anywhere until you explain to me why that check you wrote isn't going to bounce.
JH: I'm still working my regular hours at the Capsaicin Lounge one-handed. I dated the check because I won't actually have eight hundred dollars until payday.
EB: And the insurance money from the car accident?
JH: Tied up in legal proceedings right now. They denied my claim.
EB: Why?
JH: Because I wasn't driving the car at the time of the accident. I was parked, and getting something out of the backseat, and an SUV rammed me and pushed my car down a ravine.
EB: So your car was parked, someone else hit it, and the insurance doesn't cover that?
JH: Oh, we're pretty sure it does. But I guess you don't grow to become a major corporation by paying out people's claims when it's cheaper to hire lawyers.