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A little peek behind the curtain - when I originally conceived of this story, I thought it'd be resolved with a scene like this:

JH: Oh, you're her twin, eh? Well, thennnn.... CAT HAIR! [flings something into ChA's face]
ChA (still motionless): Allergies aren't hereditary.
JH: Just as well, I think that was mostly pocket lint...

This would have led to Cheryl asking how Jamie knew Carol was allergic to cats, and believing his entire improbable story... but, of course, even with an 18 Dex, I think we can agree there's no way Jamie could make a sudden motion to fling something from his pocket into Cheryl's face and not get shot point blank in the sternum.


(Friday, EXT: CA and TH's front door)

ChA: Any of your friends in the house there?
JH: No. Actually, if you count Carol, which I do, yes. So yes. I have one friend in the house.
ChA: Alright, well, here's what's going to happen. You're going to put your hands, slowly, on-
JH (looking behind her): Trent!
TH: Hey, Jamie! I see you already met Cheryl?
JH: Yeah, she was just showing me her gun, here. Weren't you, Cheryla?
ChA: I was showing you your gun, actually. This is the gun you gave me, remember?
TH: So.... you two know each other?
JH: We do now! Thanks!
TH: Uh... you're welcome, I guess.