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I get confusion about Jamie's name from some readers, largely because he's just listed as "Benjamin" in the cast page, and "Jamie" is usually short for "James". I figure if you can shorten "William" to "Liam" instead of the more common "Will" or "Bill", or shorten "Christopher" to "Topher" instead of "Chris", or "Alexander" to "Xander" instead of "Alex", then it should be perfectly fine to abbreviate "Benjamin" to "Jamie" instead of "Ben".

Being the fourth "Benjamin" in a row, Jamie felt the need to distinguish himself from his father, grandfather and great grandfather, all of whom were "Ben", "Benny", "Benjy", etc.


(Friday, INT: CA and TH's place)

ChA: ...and then, three days later, the kid turns up at the morgue. Tox screen says he's got three times the lethal dose of phencyclidine in his system, his head had been completely removed... and it was ruled a suicide.
CA: My God...
JH: And I didn't find out about any of this until Wednesday morning.
ChA: An awfully convenient suicide for you, wouldn't you say, Halliganiv?
JH: No, Cheryla, I wouldn't say that, because there's a world of difference between having the charges dropped and being found innocent.
TH: Why do you keep calling her Cheryla?
JH: I'll stop calling her Cheryla when she stops calling me Halliganiv. The use of Roman numerals to denote children with the same names as their parents is neither new nor unusual.
ChA: Halligani the fifth?
JH: No, but I could use one.
CA: I picked up a bottle of Merlot, but I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to leave it corked...