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The rise of energy drinks in the past decade has been interesting. When I first started my unfinished story Band, back in 2003, I had one of the characters, Brian, drink Jolt as a formative character thingie. Look, he drinks that weird beverage with the extra caffeine in it! Isn't that weird?

If anyone's wondering, my combo of choice is an Extra-Strength 5 Hour Energy washed down with one of those Monster Rehab drinks that aren't carbonated... berry flavour and rojo tea flavour, respectively.

Of course, that's my combo of choice. That's what I'd like to drink. These days, I've been trying to claw my way out of debt-slavery, so what I actually drink is a big ol' pot of black coffee in the morning.

(Two energy drinks at about $4 each vs. a $10 bag of beans that lasts me a whole month? No contest.)


(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

MH (entering, holding a can): Hey, guys, I hope y'all are ready for the mothereffin' noise.
EB: Hey, Max. Everyone's here, we've all got characters written up, we're as ready as we're ever gonna be.
MH: Awesome. Do me a favour and recycle this, wouldja?
GU: Are you drinking two energy drinks at the same time?
MH: Different active ingredients, the effects stack.
NP: That's kind of horrifying.
MH: Hey, I'm on deck to perform tonight, Mama needs to dose up, know what I'm saying?
JH: Yeah, but you're, like, eight pounds. You're not concerned at all about your bloodstream being ninety percent sodium benzoate?
MH: Hey, you know my motto - live fast, die young, and leave a corpse they gotta wear hazmat suits when they cremate.