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Max's dialogue is its own reason for existing.

(If anyone feels like following along over the next few strips, the system pdf is here.)

One of the subjects I was tempted to explore back when Jamie and Max were making And The Beat Goes On was the idea of rogues and sneaky-type characters getting sneak-attack damage when fighting helpless enemies. Really, why would someone have to be a professional burglar to know to hit someone in the neck? Is that not just common sense? If anything, the team medic should be the one to take advantage of hitting unaware people in their weak points... when fighting humanoid enemies, anyway.

In AtBGO, there are plenty of rules that can give you huge bonuses to attacking enemies, and you get double damage for every ten points by which you beat your enemy's Defense, which means that essentially anyone can hit someone in the neck, if they get the opportunity. As Jackie is based on Jaehab, Gina is taking full advantage of these types of bonuses, even if it means she has to sneak away and climb the scenery for a round or two ahead of time.


(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

MH: Okay, Nicole, your turn, I remind you that you are still on unfire and taking 2d6 per round. You may take a four-tick action to put yourself in.
NP: Hmm, yeah, but with the Chihuahua medallion and the go-go juice I'm running on 8/4 time right now... so I can move and attack normally, and still heal myself. If I go hug the spider gorilla thing, can I spread the unfire to him?
MH: You're a crazy bitch and I love the way you think. Grab check versus Defense, and remember, unfire spreads downwards.
NP: I heal myself seven points then, and... sixteen on the Grab.
MH: Your uncendiary embrace is successful, the taranturilla is now also on unfire, he'll be taking 2d6 with you at the bottom of the round, and you may give yourself a Mayhem point. Gina, show me some love!
GU: Okay, I'm still on the chandelier, thirty feet up. This monster here isn't aware of my presence, right?
MH: Correct. Versus you, the pirahnocerous has a Defense of eight.
GU: If I drop on him, like, on purpose, can I get a bonus to my attack?
MH: Monster's six feet at the shoulder, so the Move check to negate falling damage would be twenty-four. Whatever you beat that by, I'll let you add it to your attack roll.
GU: I'm downbeating the check, then, and adding two Mayhem points... so I can transfer twenty-one to my attack... thirty-five.
MH: Quad damage! Give me a number, I will multiply it by four for you.
GU: Uh... seventeen.
MH: CHUNKY. FUCKING. SALSA. You gain back one of those Mayhems, and your milkshake officially brings all the motherfucking boys to the motherfucking yard.