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A big part of GMing is knowing how to handle unusual situations on the fly. This is particularly important in a) homebrew or simple games that may not have exhaustive rules for every possible combat situation, and b) games with creative players that reward lateral thinking. This particular game is both.

I like the phrase "hot ionized bean slag".

Oh, and in case you wanted to see Jamie's character sheet but didn't want to tilt your head...



(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

MH: Raj, the jellybean golem swings his glowing plasma axe in your general direction, sixteen to hit.
JH: You said that was a battleaxe... so it's double-headed, right?
MH: Right.
JH: Well, I'm running on 6/4 time and wielding the Wok of Destiny... can I parry it back at him in such a way that he takes damage from his own weapon?
MH: I'm gonna say make a Hit roll to parry, your roll has to beat his, whatever you beat it by counts as your attack roll against him, and he rolls his own damage.
JH: Tough, but not impossible. I'm going to steal two ticks from my next turn for the parry, then, throw one Mayhem point on it, and use another tick to mess up his Defense with a breakbeat.
MH: Rock the house, homeboy.
JH: Okay, hang on. Hang on. Um... twenty-eight.
MH: You parry with the Wok of Destiny, and bounce the axe right back into the construct's lack of a face! Hot ionized bean slag splashes up against the far wall, and the golem loses cohesion! Candy scatters everywhere.
MH: This whole area here is now considered frictionless terrain, and Jamie, double or nothing on the Mayhem point if you give me a badass one-liner.
JH: Bean there... done that.
MH: That was utterly horrendous. Plus two MP, well done.
JH: Thank you.