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A lot of webcomics that feature RPGs and show panels in RPGvision will often depict the RP characters as looking like the players in costume. I prefer to avoid this, personally, and I think you can still tell who's who pretty easily.

I suppose I could claim it's a visual metaphor of some sort - that a character depicted as their player in costume is someone who's just living out a power fantasy, rather than actually inhabiting the role... or alternately, that it represents someone who's fully engulfed in the game world.

Either way, I think it'd only be significant if I contrasted some players as one way and some as the other way, which I'm not planning on doing. I like the looks of the different game worlds to be cohesive. It's a stylistic choice.


(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

MH: The coal-fired airship sways gently as the antikythera autopilot navigates you expertly around the spatial anomalies. Near as you can tell, you have between eight and ten hours before you make landfall - time to rest, and have any conversations you need to have before the final boss fight.
EB: I go find Raj.
[game vision shows EB and JH's characters on the deck of the airship]

EB (speaking as Mia): Hey.
JH (speaking as Raj): Oh... hello Mia.
EB (speaking as Mia): Look, before we get to wherever it is we're going, before we have to face whoever or whatever is behind all this, I just wanted to say... I... I'm really grateful you happened to be one of the people in line at the DMV with me this morning.
JH (speaking as Raj): Thanks. You've been pretty great too, given the circumstances. Your sharpshooting really came in handy.
EB (speaking as Mia): Yeah. I like to think that maybe it was Destiny that brought us together.
EB: I move up closer to Raj and put his hand around my waist.
[back to the apartment]

JH: Um... what are you doing?
EB: I want ten damn Mayhem points, that's what I'm doing.